Is it worth getting an AWS certification as a web developer?

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Are you a web developer considering expanding your skill set? Have you ever wondered if obtaining a certification in AWS (Amazon Web Services) would substantially enhance your career? Is it indeed a worthwhile endeavor or simply an additional line on your résumé?

The main predicament here is the difficulty in determining the true value of AWS certification for web developers. As per the 2020 IT Skills and Salary Report from Global Knowledge, AWS certification holders earned an average salary around 29% higher than their non-certified counterparts. Yet, a study by A Cloud Guru implies that these certifications might not be as appealing to employers as real-world problem-solving skills. Our proposal to address this uncertainty lies in a thorough exploration of the subject by considering diverse perspectives from industry experts, recruiters, and certified professionals themselves.

In this article, you will gain a clearer understanding of the true significance of AWS certification for web developers. We will inspect the benefits and pitfalls associated with obtaining this qualification. Furthermore, we will delve into the market demand and consult with industry insiders to present a comprehensive picture.

Reading this article will empower you to make an informed decision regarding AWS certification. Whether you are a novice web developer or an experienced one deciding on a career advancement strategy, this article would serve as a comprehensive guide to navigate your path.

Is it worth getting an AWS certification as a web developer?

Definitions and Importance of AWS Certification for Web Developers

Web developer refers to a professional who designs and maintains websites, ensuring optimal performance and user experience. AWS certification, on the other hand, attests to an individual’s skill in managing and deploying systems on Amazon Web Services, a leading cloud platform. Now, would acquiring an AWS certification add value to one’s career as a web developer? Yes, it would. In the era of cloud computing, many organizations are migrating their services to the cloud. Therefore, web developers with an understanding of AWS services, validated by a certificate, are better positioned to build and manage applications in cloud-based environments.

Unlocking Your Potential: The Surprising Perks of an AWS Certification for Web Developers

The Relevance of AWS Certification for Web Developers

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has established itself as a leading service provider in cloud computing. As we delve into the digital age, the demand for web developers with an understanding and capability of AWS is remarkably increasing. AWS certification is not just a mere addition to your resume but a solid proof of your proficiency and skills in managing and developing applications on the AWS platform.

AWS-certified web developers are sought-after due to their capability to develop, deploy, and debug cloud-based applications using AWS. The certification equips professionals with in-depth knowledge on the AWS architecture, effectively enabling them to handle the vast array of its services to ensure the smooth operation and enhanced performance of web applications. Hence, acquiring this certification significantly augments your credibility as a web developer.

Unlocking Benefits with AWS Certification

With an AWS certification under your belt, your value as a web developer scales new peaks. It doesn’t just amplify your portfolio but also boosts your earning potential. According to Global Knowledge’s Salary Survey, AWS-certified professionals make, on average, nearly $130,000—the top among all other certified professionals. Moreover, a certification from AWS is globally recognized, hence, providing opportunities to work anywhere around the world.

  • Increased job opportunities: The rapidly growing adoption of AWS by companies of all sizes has led to a surge in demand for AWS-certified professionals.
  • Expanded Skills: While preparing for the AWS certification exam, you are exposed to various new scenarios and have to learn new concepts, thus expanding your skillset.
  • Better Earning Potential: Since AWS-certified web developers are in high demand, having an AWS certification significantly increases your bargaining power during salary negotiations.

Pursuing an AWS certification validates your cloud credentials, demonstrates your ability to design, deploy, and manage applications on cloud infrastructure, and marks you as a proven and highly skilled cloud specialist, thus setting you apart from others in the job market.

It’s clear that AWS certification positively influence web developer’s career pathways by providing them not only with a competitive edge but also with in-depth understanding of the AWS platform. If you’re a web developer contemplating on better career prospects, consider unlocking new career heights with an AWS certification.

Boosting Your Career Momentum: How an AWS Certification Accelerates Web Developer Advancement

The Certainty of a Cloudy Future?

With so many emerging technologies in the web development landscape, one may ask, is Amazon Web Services (AWS) accreditation truly a big deal? Absolutely. The popularity of cloud computing services isn’t just a trend. It has become the backbone for most applications and websites. This growth necessitates professionals who can leverage AWS tools effectively to build secure, scalable, and easy-to-use applications. Getting AWS certified is hence not only a stamp of approval on your expertise but a crucial necessity for web developers looking to stay ahead.

Addressing the Elephant in the Server Room

A significant hurdle facing many web developers today flows from the rapidly evolving technology ecosystem. With a plethora of languages, tools, and platforms to master, it can get overwhelming. The focus, therefore, should not just be on acquiring multiple skills but on mastering those that significantly impact the industry. When it comes to backend development, AWS certainly leads the pack. And this is where the main problem resides. Developers often underrate the importance of understanding cloud infrastructures, particularly AWS, therefore limiting their potential. Opting for AWS certification is hence a proactive step towards bridging this crucial gap in your skill set.

Following Industry Titans: Successful AWS Implementation

Let’s look at examples of how industry leaders use AWS to deliver amazing web experiences. Netflix, with more than 195 million subscribers globally, relies on AWS for nearly all its computing and storage needs. It uses AWS’s scalable compute capacity to transcode content for streaming, powering nearly all its screen types, including TVs, PCs, and mobile devices. Airbnb, a leader in the hospitality business, leveraged the scalable, reliable, and secure global computing infrastructure of the AWS cloud to support its exponential growth. Expedia, an online travel giant, has migrated 90% of its mission-critical apps to AWS to better service its customers globally, making the accessibility and scalability of AWS evident. These examples highlight the potential offered by AWS and illustrate why obtaining AWS certification can be a great asset for any web developer aiming to excel in the digital world.

Beyond the Code: How AWS Certification Transforms the Mindset and Skillset of a Web Developer

Maximizing Your Potential: The Impact of AWS Certification

Why settle for being a web developer when you can optimize your potential as a cloud specialist too? The pathway is none other than becoming an AWS Certified. The industry of web development is increasingly converging with the cloud, and the demand for professionals adept at both web development and cloud platforms, like Amazon Web Services (AWS), is rising by the day. By getting AWS certified, you not only elevate your command over the backend technology but also add a prestigious feather to your cap that can significantly enhance your professional portfolio.

Recognizing Your Dilemma: The Challenge of Decision-Making

Often, the most significant stumbling block while planning a career trajectory is the inability to make informed decisions. Web developers are no different. Is the idea of integrating your web development skills with a leading cloud platform like AWS intriguing, but the question of worthiness leaves you in a quandary? It’s a legitimate concern, given the time, effort, and money that goes into obtaining any certification. Your dilemma could stem from a lack of clear understanding of how potent this combination of skills can be or perhaps from an unawareness of the AWS certification’s industry recognition.

Leading the Trend: Best Practices for AWS Certification-holders

Illustrative of how the industry is responding to this potent skillset is stories of those who unlocked their optimum potential after acquiring AWS Certification. Well-known development companies recognize the value AWS certified professionals bring to the table and have made it a norm to give preference during hiring. Likewise, independent developers have found an edge in freelancing markets, securing big-ticket clients with comprehensive cloud-based needs. Another excellent practice observed among the certified developers is how they efficiently integrate various AWS services into their web development processes, like using AWS Amplify for front-end web and mobile app development or AWS Lambda for running serverless applications. By following these best practices, developers not only gain technical expertise but also demonstrate their commitment to professional growth, thereby enhancing their portfolio.


Would the web development industry be impacted significantly if more professionals considered obtaining an AWS certification? It might be more impactful than one would initially think. Having an AWS certification provides more credibility and ensures you are up to date with the rapidly evolving digital environment. It also showcases your expertise in using one of the world’s most popular cloud platforms. This versatile certification does not only increase your knowledge base but also makes you more adaptable and flexible in your skillset, thereby creating more opportunities for career advancement.

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1. What can an AWS certification add to my web development skills?
An AWS certification can validate your cloud expertise and demonstrate your ability to design, deploy, and manage applications on the AWS platform. This can significantly increase your standing in the competitive web development market.

2. Is AWS certification important for job opportunities in web development?
Yes, many employers value AWS certification while hiring because it proves your proficiency in working with one of the most extensively used cloud platforms globally. It can therefore increase your potential for better job opportunities in web development.

3. Will AWS certification improve my career growth prospects in web development?
Indeed, having an AWS certification can enhance your career growth prospects. Companies often prefer certified professionals when considering promotions or handing complex projects, as it verifies your up-to-date knowledge and skills in AWS.

4. How long does it take to prepare for an AWS certification exam?
The preparation length for an AWS certification exam depends on your familiarity with AWS and studying dedication. Generally, it’ll take approximately 80-120 hours of study over 1-2 months to adequately prepare for most AWS certification exams.

5. Are there any prerequisites for AWS certification?
The prerequisites vary for different AWS certifications, but there are none for the foundational level (Cloud Practitioner). For higher-level certifications, prior experience working with AWS services and a clear understanding of specific technical roles are required.