Does a web development company do digital marketing too?

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Does a web development company also handle digital marketing? Do they provide comprehensive online solutions within the digital space? Can they boost your brand and web presence through targeted market strategies while also building your perfect site?

Web development and digital marketing appear to overlap quite significantly, yet they’re also distinct in their responsibilities and deliverables. A report published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2017) reveals that many organizations hire separate agencies for web development and digital marketing leading to mismatches and a lack of overall strategic alignment. A similar issue is highlighted in the CMO survey (2019) indicating the difficulty businesses face when integrating web development and digital marketing efforts. Solving this problem requires an integrated approach where one service provider offers both disciplines, enhancing both cost-effectiveness and quality.

In this article, you will learn about the benefits and challenges of having a web development company that also does digital marketing. This comprehensive guide will shed light on the intricacies of this complex topic, exploring the key issues and presenting solutions to potential obstacles.

This article aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the synergies and frictions between web development and digital marketing, equipping you with the knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing a service provider. The examination of a diverse array of real-world case studies will supply you with a well-rounded perspective on this fundamentally important issue.

Does a web development company do digital marketing too?

Definitions Involved in Web Development and Digital Marketing

A web development company is primarily responsible for designing, creating, and managing a company’s website. They focus on aspects like the site’s interface, speed, performance, and overall functionality.

Digital marketing, on the other hand, deals with the promotion of a company and its products/services using digital platforms. The objective is to reach a larger audience and convert them into customers.

While both of these areas are distinct, some web development companies may also offer digital marketing services as part of their comprehensive strategies to help businesses grow and establish their digital presence.

Unveiling the Symbiosis: How Web Development Companies Dive into Digital Marketing

The Evolving Landscape of Web Development Companies

Web development is no longer confined to the realm of coding and designing websites. In today’s digital age, the role of web development companies has evolved to include a wide array of services, one of which is digital marketing. With the internet becoming an essential part of lives and businesses, the significance of a strong digital presence is becoming more prominent than ever.

Initially, web development companies were primarily concerned with designing websites that were visually engaging. However, the growing need for websites to be more than just visually appealing has led these companies to offer a variety of other services, and digital marketing is one that takes the lead. With expertise in understanding the digital landscape, web developers are uniquely equipped to understand the intricate relationship between website design and digital marketing strategies.

Unveiling the Digital Marketing Prowess of Web Development Companies

Web development companies bring to the table a valuable understanding of the online marketplace and consumer behavior, making them potent digital marketers. Their experience in crafting seamless user experiences makes them well-placed to implement effective SEO strategies, enhancing a website’s visibility on search engine result pages.

Moreover, web development companies are adept at building well-optimized, mobile-friendly websites – a crucial factor in today’s mobile-first world. This knowledge, combined with an understanding of various digital marketing strategies, allows them to ensure a business is easily reachable by its target audience, resulting in better engagement and higher conversion rates.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Web developers understand the importance of SEO and design websites with an optimized structure for better ranking on search engines.
  • Social Media Marketing: They strategically use social media platforms, where a huge chunk of potential customers spend considerable time daily, to improve businesses’ visibility and boost customer engagement.
  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising: Web development companies have the expertise to run effective PPC campaigns, drawing more traffic to the website.
  • Email Marketing: They design campaigns that ensure your emails don’t end up in the spam folder but attract the customer’s attention, generating leads and building customer loyalty.

The synergy between web development and digital marketing has blurred the boundaries between the two domains. Web development companies, due to their technical expertise and understanding of the digital marketing landscape, are effectively positioned to leverage their skills to improve a business’s digital presence. This combination of skills empowers companies to navigate the evolving digital landscape, ensuring that they stay ahead of their competition and continue to engage their audience effectively.

Shattering Misconceptions: The Hidden Digital Marketing Potential in Web Development Companies

Are You Leverage the Dual Expertise of Web Development and Digital Marketing?

Consider this, you own an upscale bakery and while your cakes are a hit among the locals, you’ve hit a plateau with your reach. You want to catapult your business to a wider audience but your website, albeit aesthetically pleasing, lacks the magnetism to attract the online crowd. This is where a web development company steps in, not just with its conceiving and crafting expertise, but with its proficiency in digital marketing too. Businesses often compartmentalize web development and digital marketing, overlooking the potential of their fusion. However, a web development firm offers an integrated approach combining the two, utilizing their skills in both areas to amplify your online presence and, by extension, your business potential.

What Hinders Business Expansion?

The main issue that many businesses face today is leveraging their online presence effectively to reach their targeted audience. They either have a commendable website with little to no visibility or an easily discoverable web page that lacks engagement. Digital world dynamism dictates that the solution lies in synchronizing web development with digital marketing strategy. A stunning website will be of little worth if it is hidden deep beyond the search engine’s reach. Conversely, a highly visible website will yield unsatisfactory results if it’s not engaging or user-friendly. Therefore, there’s an ineffable need for web developers who are not only equipped with the latest tech trends but also the constantly evolving digital marketing tactics. Businesses that fail to recognize this integrated necessity often face staleness and curb growth potential.

Combining Web Development and Digital Marketing – A Winning Formula

Let’s look at some businesses who’ve leveraged digital marketing strategies crafted by their web development company. Company A, a small boutique store, struggled with sparse online traffic. Their web development firm introduced best SEO practices into their website design, leading to a significant rise in their web traffic and buyer conversion. Or consider Company B, running a popular blog, it wasn’t capturing visitor data effectively. With their web developer’s CRM integration expertise and email marketing strategy, they managed to increase their readership analytics significantly. Also, consider the case of Company C, a service-based business whose interactive website, developed using UI/UX principles attracted a lot of visitors but resulted in insignificant revenue. Their web development company’s use of targeted advertising and SMM led to higher engagement and sales figures. As these examples illustrate, a web development company with digital marketing expertise can indeed lead businesses to newer heights. So the next time you seek help to upgrade or create your website, remember – a web developer with digital marketing prowess is a goldmine for your business.

Thriving on the Digital Space: The Inextricable Link Between Web Development and Digital Marketing

Thought-Provoking Inquiry

Is it possible for a company to manage both web development and digital marketing effectively? The answer is a resounding yes. Today, many web development firms are seamlessly blending their traditional services with digital marketing campaigns. The reasoning behind this is simple and based on the current market scenario: businesses require a robust digital presence to compete. This encompasses not just a well-designed and accessible website but also strong online visibility secured via digital marketing strategies. Web development is no longer seen as an isolated task but a part of the larger digital strategy, which involves search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content management, and other elements of digital marketing. The twin capabilities of firms offering both services are gradually transforming the digital sphere.

Main Challenges

However, maintaining this dual capability is not without its challenges. The first difficulty lies in harmonizing two different but interrelated domains. Web development is technical and structural, built around creating user-friendly and functional websites. On the other hand, digital marketing is more dynamic and creative, centered on optimizing online visibility and traffic. The convergence of these separate expertise areas under a single umbrella calls for a multidisciplinary mindset that is often hard to develop and maintain. It also necessitates continuous upskilling as technological advancements continue to reshape the landscapes of both web development and digital marketing.

Best Practices

Despite these challenges, many companies have adopted best practices that demonstrate the efficacy of this dual capability. A recent case in point is a leading web development firm that went on to bag a prestigious digital marketing award for its standout SEO campaign. The distinct advantage for the company was its deep-rooted understanding of web infrastructure, enabling it to implement more effective SEO techniques into its client’s website right from the development stage. Similarly, social media management – traditionally a digital marketing activity – is increasingly being integrated with website development, enhancing user engagement and retention. Another example is the practice of content optimization which makes websites not just functional but relevant and impactful too. Fostering this dual capability, firms are not just weathering the digital storm but are effectively steering the digital marketing arena.


Have you ever pondered over the comprehensive nature of the services that a web development company provides? A considerable number of these companies go beyond creating websites and aid you in reaching out to your potential customers more effectively. They carry out a variety methods of digital marketing, proving that their scope of work is not confined to just developing and designing websites.

Without a doubt, the fusion of development, design and marketing leads to a cohesive and prosperous business method. So, this brings us to the thought-provoking topic of discussion: can a web development company handle your digital marketing needs? From the analysis and information shared in our articles, it is quite clear that they can, and they do it exceptionally well. A web development company does more than build websites; it creates an online presence for your business. They ensure that the website is not only visually appealing but optimally designed to convert leads into sales. So, whether you are looking to boost your online presence, generate organic traffic or launch an email marketing campaign, these companies can provide you with the expertise and tools you need.

We hope you’ve found our insights useful and enlightening. Don’t forget to follow our blog for a clearer understanding on more traits deeply embedded in web development companies. We have a lot of interesting content lined up for you and new releases that you wouldn’t want to miss. Our subsequent articles are designed to give you a clearer perspective on the business value these companies can deliver beyond web development. Keep an eye out for our forthcoming topics that will be discussing on how these businesses help out with SEO, content marketing, social media strategies, and so much more.

In conclusion, a web development company with a dynamism in digital marketing can aid immensely in the growth and success of your business. With a web development company that handles digital marketing, you have a one-stop solution that looks after branding, increases exposure to your target audience and improves interaction with potential clients. It’s a strategic combination that brings about a significant enhancement in business productivity and success. So, stay tuned, and remember to visit us frequently, as we unfold more enlightening discussions on this and related topics.



1. Do web development companies provide digital marketing services?

Yes, many web development companies also offer digital marketing services. This includes services like SEO, email marketing, social media management, and content creation.

2. What are some benefits of combining web development with digital marketing?

Combining web development with digital marketing can lead to a more cohesive online presence. Additionally, it ensures that both the website’s design and content strategy support the overarching business goals.

3. Why might a company choose a web development company that also offers digital marketing?

This choice could allow for seamless communication and cooperation between the two vital aspects of online representation. Also, a unified approach could achieve brand consistency and efficient execution of strategies.

4. Are the digital marketing services from web development companies as comprehensive as those from specialized digital marketing agencies?

In general, web development companies that also offer digital marketing do provide comprehensive services. However, the depth and quality of those services can vary from company to company. It’s important to verify a company’s expertise in digital marketing before deciding.

5. Can a company hire a web development company for web services and a separate digital marketing agency for marketing needs?

Yes, a company can choose to hire separate agencies for their web development and digital marketing needs. However, this requires more coordination and can potentially lead to inconsistencies in brand messaging and strategy.