Web Development Services India

 Square Pegs in Square Holes……
                                                 Redefining Web Application Development!

Ever since its inception, Our Company Global Connections has redefined the web development space by providing functional, robust and scalable solutions to its diverse clientele. Our team of highly skilled and motivated professionals has the experience and expertise to deliver precise and calibrated solutions to the needs of our clients. When we embark upon a project, our idea is to deliver calibrated solutions that can easily be scaled up or down according to the changes in business volume.

Our suite of web development services includes Custom Web Application development, SEO Consultancy and development of Content Management Systems. Custom web application development encompasses development of browser -based applications using both open source and proprietary platforms. Proprietary solutions include applications developed using Microsoft’s .Net platform. However, in order to keep our costs down, we prefer to use the open source LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql, PhP) architecture so as to deliver cost effective solutions to the needs of our clients.

SEO Consultancy services offered by  Global Connections  in India help organizations secure high ranks in search engine result pages by a deploying a mix of  both on –page and off page optimization strategies. Content Management Systems developed by Global Connections help users to manage their web content easily through a browser based application. Our expertise is not just limited to the above-mentioned areas as we also have the expertise to design, develop and manage online marketing campaigns on behalf of our clients. Online Marketing Campaigns are not only cost-effective; they also prove to be a catalyst for business growth.
 Trust us, to deliver perceptive solutions that help you get closer to your customers!