Ruby On Rails

Ruby On RailsRuby on Rails or better known as Rails or RoR can be defined as an open source web application framework, which is inscribed in the revolutionary programming language---Ruby. The framework also enables you to execute 'Agile' development technique, which is one of the most prominent methods used for spry-developments.


Ruby on Rails was coined by David Heinemeier Hansson, who was working on his project on Basecamp. Under the project, the management tool was administered through 37 signals. However, the world got to vis-à-vis with the Rails in July 2004, when Heinemeier Hansson publicised Rails as open source. The major landmark in the journey of Rails was in August 2006, when the IT Giant Apple declared to include Ruby on Rails in Mac OS X v10.5 "Leopard". The new version of Mac was released in October 2007.

Technical Analysis

The best thing about Ruby on Rails concept is that it aimed to make the developers' work convenient and reduce the time consumption on any project or designing. The secret behind the language is the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture approach pattern, which enables it to streamline the real application programming. Unlike other languages say OO language, the RoR provides you ready-to-use libraries through which you can chalk out models and concept of any website. Don’t forget the use of ruby web server (WEBrick) and Rake build system that makes it simply great. RoR inscribes prominent usage of JavaScript libraries Prototype and Script.aculo.us for Ajax and so on. After the advent of Web 2.0, the RoR comes with default features supporting HTML and XML methodology.

Framework Anaylsis

Ruby on Rails can be dissected into several forms such as ActiveRecord, ActiveResource, ActionPack, ActiveSupport and ActionMailer. In view of the advent of Web 2.0, RoR inscribed the Action Web Service package. However, the package has been substituted Active Resource. Commenting on its normal available packages, web programmers can construct plugins to enhance the available packages.

Latest Enhancements

The latest version of the Rails---2.3 was issued on March 15, 2009, which brought yet another revolution in the horizon of developing and programming. The latest version features template, Rack and nested model forms and engines and so on. Taking a note on the engine feature, you are allowed to make repeated use of application pieces utilising with routes, view paths and models. Apart from other small but smart features, Rack and Metal are another highlights of the latest version. The feature allows you to code optimized pieces, which have been routed along ActionController.