osCommerce Development, Customization & Skinning

OsCommerce is an online ecommerce software with shopping cart integration. It is available as free software under GNU public license and anyone could use it to propel their ecommerce storefront. It is used extensively to build huge and custom ecommerce applications and currently powers numerous ecommerce websites.

Salient Features osCommerce :

  • It is coded in PHP & MySQL. PHP is an open source scripting language used in writing / coding dynamic applications and MySQL is an open source free database and is quite robust.
  • Applications developed in OsCommerce runs properly in almost all browsers.
  • The interface has in-built which is capable of translation the language in several languages like German, Spanish, French, English etc.
  • In osCommerce could add up unlimited products and categories as well.
  • It is possible to integrate the 3rd party payment gateway in this. Gateways like 2checkout, authorize.net, Paypal etc. could be integrated easily.
  • Also it incorporates is multi-currency support.
  • Also comprises is a web based interface via which the site owner could manage the product, categories, currency etc.
  • Support for SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for safe transactions.
  • Customized shipping options with UPS, USPS.
  • Complete tax functionality with respective regions.
  • 3rd party design template integration (this also gives a free hand to change the static site to dynamic one as design style could be utilized)

So at Global Connections we offer full customization of osCommerce. Customization duration varies with client’s requirements and the modules he / she want to customized.

Till date we have helped hundreds of storekeepers / merchants in transforming their business from offline to online. Besides this we have solve the problems of several ecommerce merchants by revamping their existing ecommerce software with new and customized solutions, thereby making their websites more productive.

So if you are interested in starting your business online do contact us with your requirements, even if you are running an ecommerce website and its not functioning well we could provide you free consultancy so do not hesitate to mail us.