MagentoAre you fed up with your existing eCommerce application?
Do you with to get a new eCommerce Store

Here is a newest solution in the Open source technology Magento

Magento is a surprisingly high-tech e-commerce suite which enables you to feature a shopping cart up and operating in a really short time. Magento in addition to includes innovative reporting and analytic features which will step-up your awareness of gross sales tendencies and other purchaser activity to enable you to tune up your business for maximal efficiency.

eCommerce is turning more prominent concern all the fourth dimension. And the software system that moves these online storehouses is getting more powerful. Magento is fleetly turning an outstanding participant ingrown the eCommerce market.

Alike virtually eCommerce software package, Magento extends the familiar features suchlike shopping carts, product lookup, product categories and buyer accounts. Magento covers up all the mandatory features that any effective eCommerce application program should have - and many more!

Features include

  • Controlling of two or more web stores using single Admin panel
  • Multiple language facilities
  • Support for multiple currencies and Taxation
  • System Admin role defining
  • Customer Group
  • 100% SEO friendly Google Sitemap, Meta information etc
  • Shipping Modules with all major Companies
  • One page Checkout
  • All this and much more!

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