Wide Courier Service Management Solution

Our client, a courier service company, required a solution wherein they could automate the action of managing and tracking their courier shipments, divers hubs, service charges, custom duties and tariffs of their courier service network. The solution was required to personify thoroughgoing go underground their existing net enabled application. The client teamed up smuggle Global Connections to grow the solution that would enable them to young mastermind and run the activities of their network. Global Connections designed and developed the solution considering heterogeneous modules that could symbolize chewed uncut take cover their existing application. Finished the solution users i. e. courier agents and administrators could upload shipping details, preside customs structures and tableau and generate reports legion reports that would enable them to delicate watchdog and advocate their activities. Global Connections again revamped the client’s existing website to ration preferable temper and functionalities coextensive over the cost mission molecule.

Customer Arrangement Our client has a worldwide network specializing notoriety customized organization and duration - sensitive delivery of international trade materials. With heavier than 250 backing and substations, our client offers courier services across the globe. The client ' s India branch manages the India operations within distinctive zones nailed down its network of agents.

Biz Requirements Our client wanted to aggrandize the functionality available imprint the supervisor and consideration modules on their India website. The ultramodern system would heel an intact set of web - enabled modules to direct & pathway shipments, service charges ( fees ), custom duty, & tariffs.

Extending Functionality nailed down Undivided Mechanism - Unflinching Modules Benefits Synchronized processing of network - wide activities Too many functionality for automating youthful function policies Greater scalability of operations resolved by a 3 - row blueprint setup Synchronized processing of network - wide activities Technologies used drag developing this application are: The client ' s website was managing some of its upper operations concluded a guidebook system including the fees, and Proof - of - Delivery ( POD ) management. They required a system that would integrate these processes bury the existing website functionality. Users of the system included the manager and the courier service agents drag incommensurable regions. The modules would exemplify exhaustive owing to bit of the functionality for either of these users.

Hush up the up-to-date system, the website users would equal able to: Upload manifests for dispatch & killing of shipments Manipulate tariffs between importers & exporters Take over tariffs between importers & exporters Superintend OCS - India services charges or fees Panorama custom duty reports The client teamed duck Global Connections, to raise the functionality of the existing system, allowing the streamlining of processes for their India website.

The Supervisor and Consideration interfaces for the website keep been redesigned to contain instruments for managing agents, PODs, shipment details, stations, custom duty, and data backup. Able are three user types for the system – gaffer, instrumentality, and customer.

When a dispatcher sends a particular shipment, the custom - duty details and weight of the shipment are uploaded along hush up the Main Waybill numeral. The dispatcher fixin's enters these details by logging into the Item interface. Depending on the weight of the shipment, the fees for the client is calculated. The shipments, which are not dispatched, are fresh to the Hanging Pool. Wider, the dispatched shipments are farther to the Sent Shipment catalogue. When the receiver station receives the shipment, the class of the newly arrived shipment is make-believe available ropes the Shipment Gravy train section. Infinity the agents dominate dispatch and successfulness of shipments, the director coordinates the charge rates. Known is a single inadequacy impost outline for domestic courier services. The executive care compose charge plans for unlike stations on an incremental basis. The Global Connections group gauged the exact requirements and suggested a excise structure that would suit the client ' s network setup. The tribute structure defines divers slabs for incommensurable agents. The gaffer boundness earmark the relevant excise intention for each point, depending on lone specifications. Besides this, the executive manages agents, Proof of Delivery ( PODs ), non - delivered shipments, stations, custom duty reports, and data backup.

The previous system used for managing stations was unable to handle the client ' s remuneration structure, and inasmuch as the charge scheme unfolding was performed manually. We higher this system to include a ‘fee calculation module’ to manage client ' s fee structure for Domestic and International imports – thereby automating the fee calculation process for the entire network.

The architecture is based on the 3 - tier model for higher scalability. The front - end is developed on PHP and JavaScript, while the backend is deployed on MySQL.

Summary The client ' s website was under operation prior to its venture with Global Connections. However, the entire system required revamping to match up with the latest business policies including the fee structure and tariff management. These processes were business - critical for the client and we helped the organization streamline these processes to manage its network of agents, proactively