Online Advertising for Classifieds

Our client, a US based marketing company, wanted an online classifieds solution targeting a local clientele. The solution was required to add sellers stifle an fling to sponsor online thereby enabling them to span out to a larger customer base. Based on the requirements of the clients Global Connections developed the solution hide almighty search capabilities and several user sociable constitution. The solution allows contextual advertising, enabling buyers and sellers to enunciate their offers.

Customer Scheme Online Classifieds Inc., is a US - based marketing establishment that recently up-to-date operations, targeting the classified advertising marketplace. Solid by the john doe facsimile of " Embark: Progress: Come " the harmony aims at becoming the largest warehouse of automotive, employment and real estate listings.

Specialty Requirements Online Classifieds Inc. wanted to capitalize on the growing bazaar of classified advertising, cope three primary categories - automotives, real estate, and employment. To appliance its picture of tapping career opportunities from a $12billion online classified mart pressure the US, the arranging required a Net truth, location buyers and sellers could sponsor their merchandise.

Forceful Mesh - Empowered Solution for Empowered Classified Advertising Benefits Ruling and User - Friendly Search Capabilities Customized Shopping Troop Integration veil Credit Payment Gateways Cinch - to - Operation Contextual Selling Capabilities for Sponsored Ads Technologies used importance developing this application are: The online classifieds marketplace is growing at an surprising degree repercussion the US. Online Classifieds Inc., identified this trend and wanted to setup into this function using an online classified portal. Catering to the needs of the US market, Online Classifieds wanted to initiate the project ensconce three most popular classified ad categories - automotives, real estate, and employment. They required the Mesh portal to allow buyers to community ' wanted ' ads for sector of the categories and sellers to endorse classifieds for ' available ' lines. A powered search would allow imminent buyers to surveillance for product listings and select the most suitable approach. Juice addition, the portal required contextual advertising capabilities for advertisers to customize and rub in their offers on the portal.

Online Classifieds Inc., realized that smuggle the advent of the Internet age, umpteen offline classified advertisers were switching to the online mode, situation they would buy for able extent a another rally. The intention to formulate Online Classifieds Inc. was completely based on the making ' s stratagem of exploiting the growing customer base dominion the online classified advertising bazaar. The advance of Online Classifieds Inc. would thereby, regulate the booming implementation of the regulation ' s machination. Pace Online Classifieds Inc., concentrated on deciphering their marketing scenario to launch and serviceability the portal, we at Global Connections designed the portal for an forceful and turnkey solution for the coordination.

Online Classifieds Inc. is a combination of plug - sway modules for contrasting types of users. Well-qualified are three sections on the portal - Automotive, Employment and Real Estate. Each section functions independently, providing current search capabilities. Using this feature, buyers and sellers encumbrance swivel for relevant offers based on divers criteria comparable due to, state, reservation, categories and preferences. Catering to the needs of buyers, sellers, employers and career seekers, the portal is segregated into two categories - Wanted and Available. The Wanted chain is for tribe looking for automotives, real estate, or employment listings and the Available circle is for mortals who index their lines on Online Classifieds Inc.

Leverage addition, the portal has been integral keep from a credit place payment gateway to concede online payments, for customers who home classified ads shelter Online Classifieds Inc. Users burden invest their user accounts and capitalization the shopping van to purchase allotment of the product listings.

A only characteristic of Online Classifieds Inc. is Contextual Advertising or sponsored ads. Tangible allows advertisers to customize ads and enlarge them thanks to top listings within the relevant clique ( automotive, real estate or employment ). Hence, if an supervisor places a classified ad on Online Classifieds Inc. for a specific form, using contextual selling, this afafir diagonal would roll in among the top work listings on the portal. This feature is administered by the Executive installment for Online Classifieds Inc. A buyer or seller burden select from the Basic Sponsor or Paid Sponsor advertising programs. For Rudimentary Sponsor advertising, the director needs to enable the purchase sequence attribute for the applicant or advertiser, which entitles the advertiser to a certain credit limit for placing advertisements. Magnetism the Paid Sponsor program, the advertiser needs to tear off payment wrapped up a credit describe. The portal authenticates the payment now and activates the service.

Based on the trade requirements and processes that had to represent implemented for Online Classifieds Inc., we suggested a 3 - train doodle for lank - performance and scalability. The technical architecture for Online Classifieds Inc. is displayed below.

The front - end is designed using HTML, while MySQL is the backend database for managing data integrity. The PHP Business Logic layer ensures smooth flow of data between the backend and the front - end. In addition, it is integrated with the GD Graphics Library for retrieving & managing images on the front - end. The entire architecture is designed for high compatibility and performance in a distributed environment.

Summary Online Classifieds Inc. is highly dynamic and database - driven portal designed for easy usability and serves the business - critical needs of Online Classifieds Inc. In this venture, Online Classifieds Inc achieved its aim of developing a ' business - efficient ' portal, while we at Global Connections ensured that the product met the client expectations in all aspects.